Richard Sirgiovanni

 The Birth of The Grimps/ Parallel Roads

richard sirgiovanni.jpg

Music and cartoons were always forefront for Richard Sirgiovanni. At a very early age Richard saw The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. The impact was life altering. Richard, was already an avid reader of comics, but now at seven years old began playing drums and drawing.  These parallel roads created a self-taught drummer/cartoonist who whilst listening to rock n roll music copied everything he saw from newspaper comic strips to Marvel/DC comic books.

Richard’s interest in popular music and drawing continued as he was accepted to the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where he studied cartooning and storytelling under Harvey Kurtzman (co-founder of Mad Magazine) and Will Eisner, (creator of The Spirit comics).    Simultaneously, Richard played drums in an original rock band in New York City.  The band was voted one of the top original acts by The Soho News.  He crossed paths on the club scene with Madonna, Jon Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Cyndi Lauper and The Stray Cats.

Richard continued freelancing in art and music as a cartoonist becoming an award winning Creative Director in the advertising field.  Having this deep passion for storytelling and music he thought to create an original idea combing rock n roll and cartoons…. Something magical and fun for kids with a positive message.  The Grimps were born.

An original animated rock n' roll series for kids presenting original music.

“I thought it would be cool to create an original rock n roll band, and as Walt Disney said, it’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” Richard says.  

The idea development and character designs caught the attention of Ron Alexenburg and Tony Bongiovi.  Two well-known music industry executives who were involved with millions of record sales by various artists.

The final connection to complete the project was to add one more element. That element?  Developing a live band that take on the persona of The Grimps and perform the songs live that the animated show features.

Richard says, “It’s unique. Something that has never been done before in entertainment with an additional revenue stream from any animated show before.  Bridging animation and rock n roll”

It’s time for The Grimps.