Original KIDS Animated Rock N Roll Series!

From animation to the live stage

A band cursed for eternity.  By day, they turn into hairy, scary little creatures.

By night they transform back to irrepressible rock stars.

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What Are "The Grimps"?

●   Animated series for the 6 – 12 year old market.

●   Comedy-Action with music

●    Episodes that promote positive messages to kids.

●    Original Rock n Roll music presented in each episode by The Grimps.

●    A live Rock n Roll band outside the animated series.

●    Ideal for Netflix’s, Amazon’s, Cartoon Network’s, Nickelodeon’s or any kids programming platforms.


The Story


The show takes place in present time, 500 years after the curse was cast. Magic Alex who is The Grimps resident wizard finally finds a reverse spell that changes them back to humans, but only from sunset to sunrise everyday, and continues his ongoing quest to find a spell that will permanently reverse the curse. They are fishes out of water, living a dual life, keeping their creature selves a secret while at night becoming international pop stars.

They spend their days doing everyday things, good deeds and often sneak off in disguises to the outside world which sometimes gets them in trouble. Some episodes will focus on time travel with a time machine invented by Magic Alex that looks like a giant 45 RPM record player that spins to different time periods as they meet very famous music figures before they were famous. From Beethoven to The Beatles and beyond we see how The Grimps were responsible for changing music history.

At night they live the life of musicians and all the adventures that go with trying to be stars. The Grimps also have enemies- Greenie, a mad paparazzi who wants to expose them and Spector, their age-old nemesis who resurfaces.

In each episode, The Grimps bring positive messages, comedy and exciting Rock n Roll music.



Starring in The Grimps:

Winston, Mac, Emerson and Moonie, or better known as The Grimps lived 500 years ago. Minstrels who roamed the land playing their music for everyone, until the evil wizard “ Spector”, who was jealous of their celebrity cast a spell on them and their friend Magic Alex turning them into hairy, scary little creatures to be banished for eternity

Also caught in the midst of the spell was Billy (the wise cracking dragon) and Sir Shears (the noble knight) who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time on their chase and turned into a miniature toy size of themselves.  For the next 500 years they all watched the world change from a far in the forest of Dingle.



This dry and fast-witted Grimp is the soul and leader of the band. Winston is dynamic, highly intelligent, blunt and sometimes too honest which gets him in trouble many times. He is a creative force that is always pushing the needle and looks for new things to do with his ideas and music because he gets bored easily. Winston believes that if there’s such a thing as genius, he’s it. Personality speaking, he and Mac are like oil and vinegar but together make an awesome creative and musical partnership.

Winston is the guitar player and lead vocalist of The Grimps.



Known by fans as “Cuddles.” Mac has a huge following with the girls. His bedroom eyes and melodic voice swoons them whether he’s singing a love song or belting out a blood curdling rocker. Mac is the “Master of Melody,” he is a true musician who can play almost any instrument and a gifted songwriter. Upbeat and always positive, Mac is the ultimate optimist.

Mac is the bass player and lead vocalist of The Grimps.



Deceptively quiet, Emerson is the intense and spiritual Grimp. He is often overshadowed by the dominant creative force of Winston and Mac but is a star in his own right. He is cool, soft spoken but can wake up a room at a moment's notice with his witty dry humor. Although quiet, Emerson has a bit of the rebel in him which he will join forces with Winston for some wild escapades.

Emerson is the lead guitar player and backup vocalist for The Grimps.

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Also known as “Moon the Loon.” Moonie is the wild, fun loving and mischievous member of The Grimps. He’s a ball of never ending boundless energy, vying for the attention of others with his madcap antics.

Moonie is the drummer of The Grimps.


Magic Alex

“Resident Wizard”


Magic Alex is older than The Grimps and without musical talent. However, he is a wizard growing into brilliance although he sometimes makes mistakes with his spells and potions. He is big hearted, shrewd and The Grimps “go to guy”, as well as the calming influence and father figure over his rambunctious musical friends. Magic Alex will often use his wizardry and intelligence to invent things that can help The Grimps out of an episode’s dilemma. When the Grimps are in human form he poses as the bands manager and            helps     them    on    their       quest     of    becoming music sensations. His ongoing quest is to search for a spell that will change all of them back to humans permanently.